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Meet Josh, Julian & Jamie

“I always wished we lived in a normal house like everyone else,” Jamie said recently when she talked about her childhood. “My mother rented from my grandparents for a long time. Our apartment was very small and my two sisters and I shared a room growing up … It was cramped.”

She knows that moving into a Habitat home with her husband, Josh, and toddler, Julian, will be a life changing experience. “Now my son will have the opportunity to live in a house his parents own in a community where we spend most of our days.”

Jamie, quiet spoken with a terrific smile, has worked as a hair dresser in New Milford for 12 years.

As Julian crawled onto the sofa next to her, Jamie said, “Owning a home will change our lives tremendously. As renters we have never been able to really settle anywhere. The idea that our son will have a stable roof over his head and a house he's proud to call home is very important to me.”

For Josh, “My family owned our own home but looking back now, it was something I took for granted as a kid. We were very lucky to have had our own yard to play in, home to make a mess of, and trees to climb. Our parents worked hard to give us the best life they could and it’s those things that Jamie and I hope to be able to give Julian.”

Josh is happy to call New Milford home, too. “Our new Habitat home will give us both something to be proud of, to call our own …which is tremendous … especially when considering how difficult it would be otherwise for us to become homeowners.”