we do.

Homeownership is more than the homes we build. Homeownership also provides financial benefits that impact and contribute to the quality of life in greater Danbury. Throughout the region, affordable housing attracts families and individuals who will locate, work in, invest in, and contribute to the economic and civic life of our communities. Our goal: Give people a chance to live in simple, decent homes they can afford – and sustain. We provide affordable homes built by volunteers with materials gifted by local businesses. Homes are sold below market rate with an affordable mortgage for working families who qualify.

Working together to go beyond the hammer.


  • Teach financial literacy and homeowner skills that enable income-constrained adults to improve self-sufficiency.
  • Mentor prospects in developing a family budget, to set long-term financial goals, and improve their credit history.
  • Build and/or renovate affordable homes with volunteer construction crews and donated materials.
  • Sell homes below market value with an affordable mortgage to qualified homeowners.
  • Mobilize the community to support the increase of affordable housing in our region.


Our Board of Directors is comprised of dedicated individuals from many fields, including construction, real estate, social services, finance, and leadership. Their collective expertise is a value added that adds depth to our staff and our programs. The Board guides our strategic direction and assesses the effectiveness of our organization. These individuals lead us in our mission to build homes, hope, lives, and community.