Curt Gillespie – Board Secretary

IBM (Retired)

Curt Gillespie served in various senior IBM management positions, including Vice President, Global Response and Lead Management; Vice President, Global Inside Sales; Vice President, Global Marketing, Inside Sales; Vice President, AS/400 Sales, North America.

Curt led the task force that consolidated 44 North American call centers into 2 purpose-built 500-person inside sales centers in Atlanta, Georgia and Dallas, Texas. Curt was then appointed General Manager, Direct Marketing for Europe, Middle East and Africa, responsible for 2,200 inside sales and marketing professionals. Living in Paris, France, Gillespie and his leadership team led the cultural transformation from a country-based inside sales approach to a Pan-European model, establishing major new centers in Dublin, Ireland, Madrid, Spain and Greenock, Scotland.

Curt was Branch Manager, Distribution and Media, responsible for revenue, profit and customer satisfaction, serving the Detroit, Michigan metropolitan area. He created a high-performance team that delivered significant revenue growth and restored relationships with a major US retail client. Curt was chosen Branch Manager of the Year and received one of his four IBM Golden Circle Awards for leadership.

Mr. Gillespie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Bucknell University and currently resides in Wilton, Connecticut.