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Do I Qualify?

Applications will be evaluated for eligibility in three key areas: need for affordable housing; ability to pay a monthly mortgage payment and home costs such as taxes, insurance, and sewer and water bills; and willingness to partner with Habitat to promote our affordable housing mission.

Here is a general summary:


Your current living situation is inadequate for your family; you have a need for an affordable home.

Your total family income is 66% of the median income in Fairfield County according to HUD guidelines.

You don't qualify for a conventional mortgage for a market-priced home.

You do not currently own a home.


Ability To Pay

You have a stable income, and enough income to pay a monthly mortgage, including taxes, insurance, and utilities.

You are deemed "credit-worthy." We will evaluate your current debt and other living expenses compared to your income. Although we do look at credit reports, we do not use credit scores. If you are taking steps to repair any credit problems, we will take that into consideration.


Willingness To Partner

You are willing to complete 250 hours of "sweat equity" working on construction of Habitat homes, in ReStore, with "Brush with Kindness," or in other Habitat activities. You will complete home ownership courses and various other service requirements.


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—We do not accept or reply to emailed questions about a submitted application.